DDI x Once A Tree Furniture: Designer Showcase

Once A Tree Furniture x Dexter Dolores Interiors

Hello, hello everyone! It has been too long since I posted on this blog and naturally, my return comes with some amazing news (and maybe a little favor from you guys). I have been chosen as the 9th designer to showcase at Once A Tree Furniture here in Vancouver. As part of their ongoing Designer Room Series,  I will be creating a space within their showroom to be unveiled on February 25th, and I cannot wait to get started putting it all together. OAT is a family-owned furniture showroom and manufacturer with over 30 years in the business, bringing you exceptional furniture with emphasis on quality materials, expert craftsmanship and timeless design. Since moving to Vancouver and jumping into the world of interior design, I have been a fan of this company and their amazing showroom. I soon learnt that they provide some of the best pieces in the world of home design to our city, and their retail space, without a doubt, remains at the top of my roster when I'm sourcing for any design project. I couldn't be more honored to be their next designer showcase. It's a title 8 of some of the best designers in this city have held and the pressure is definitely on! In the leading weeks and days before the unveiling I will be dropping some behind the scenes content, so be sure to keep checking here and on my instagram for all that goodness! 

That's that for the news so now comes audience participation (aka the favor). Both the team at OAT and myself are hoping to make this event the biggest one yet. So if you can, please come out Thursday, February 25th for the unveiling and let's make it a party! Send off a quick note to marketing@onceatreefurniture.com to RSVP. I hope to see you all there!