Vancouver-based interior design studio, Dexter Dolores Interiors, creates spaces that are altogether contemporary and edgy yet elegant and classic. Their interiors embody subdued sophistication allowing functionality and complementing the lifestyle of the client. Principal and founder Dexter Dolores’s attention to detail, texture and quality materials is inherent in every designed environment.  Educated at The Art Institute of Vancouver where he, upon graduation, was chosen and awarded Top Graduating Portfolio of the Interior Design Program. His affinity for bespoke modern and classic interiors has been at the forefront of his career in the luxury residential industry.


As a young boy, I used to brush out the tassels on the area rug laid out in my family's living room. It would bother me if they were ever tangled or tossed so I constantly took it upon myself to return them to their proper positions. Things haven't changed much and along with every design endeavor I am fortunate to partake in, I still carry with me that ever-constant penchant for detail. Now I wish I could say that my life thus far is chalk full with significant and foreshadowing moments such as that; lined with exciting cultural experiences that have nourished my design sensibilities, but that would be an exaggeration. What I can tell you is that my love and exploration of design, in all aspects of life, is the passionate force behind everything I do and everything I surround myself with. I believe that an individual's personal style transcends passed what they choose to put on in the morning, and into their homes and work.

A space should embody subdued sophistication. I believe that an interior should reveal it’s elegance and story through the textures within it.

I know that a well-designed space can enhance the experience for those individuals within it. A stylish and functional kitchen can facilitate in the creation of joyous meals for family and friends; a soothing master suite can alleviate the heaviness of a hard day's work; and a stimulating gem of a powder room can garner excitement and conversation at a dinner party. On a larger scale, a modern and fresh studio can amp up the creativity and imagination of those working within it; and a grand, theatrical lobby can introduce visitors to the vibe and atmosphere they are about to experience. I love being a part of that magic - let's get together to create just that.