Spikes on Sundays

3.1 Phillip Lim flagship store in Seoul by NYC-based design office Leong Leong 

Spikes in design can convey many things. Often times they are viewed as edgy or rebellious, as commonly seen in fashion, but they can also be found in natural objects and refined design. In those instances, spikes can be viewed as glamorous and almost romantic. Architects and designers are often inspired by the edginess of natural objects such as crystals and gemstones or the tapering and linear qualities within geometrics and science. I personally haven't utilized them in many of my designs as I tend to gravitate towards classical forms and organic objects, but I will say that spikes have always intrigued and piqued my design sensibilities, continually edging me (pun intended) to consider incorporating them within my environments. However they are used, there's no doubt that spikes will always have it's place in design. 

Images via Pinterest.