Sunday Afternoon Reading...Chairs

No dark indigo dyed jeans allowed on this baby. Image via Pinterest.

Sunday afternoon; no better a time than this to be cozied up on your favorite armchair, feet tucked under or outstretched on to the ottoman in front, engaged in the latest Harry Potter book (or rehearsal script if we're being accurate). The warm sunday sun streaming through the adjacent window as you explore the magic of the wizarding world. Now of course, we all don't have a dedicated armchair to perform such a pleasant act of unwind. Some may perch on the end of their sofa, book splayed out onto the armrest, others may partake in said task at the breakfast table or in a daybed in their spare room. No matter the method, we can all possibly agree that a dedicated reading armchair can be one of life's little luxuries.

Elle Decor has compiled a list of what they find are the 20 Best Reading Chairs, and although I admire many of their expertly chosen choices, I was surprised to see the exclusion of one of the design world's most notable - nay - iconic and comfortable (first person tested of course) armchairs; the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Many of you may argue that this choice is not technically an armchair but rather, as the name suggests, a chair to lounge back in and watch the game from. Though you aren't wrong, I will point out that designers Ray and Charles Eames wanted to create a chair that would provide "a special refuge from the strains of modern living", and so what better an accompaniment to that endeavor than the reading of a new book, or newspaper for that matter. Created in 1956 by the famous husband and wife design team, the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman has, as a set, become one of the most recognizable items in the history of not only furniture and interior design, but in the design world all encompassing. The innovation exemplified in the bent plywood can attest to the Eames' exploration of industrial design and modern manufacturing. An instant design star, the chair and ottoman graced countless forms of media and graphic representations following the next half century. It is, arguably, the poster child (poster chair?) of mid-century design. If that isn't a prerequisite for the "20 Best Reading Chairs for Comfort & Style", then maybe we should all just give up reading all together and invest in audio books. Which, of course, can be enjoyed while leaning back in the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Ha!

And so, my friends, as I conclude my history lesson (read: rant), I leave you with a compilation of armchairs that I think are worthy of inclusion into the list of the best reading chairs for comfort and style. 

1. Hunter Chair, MGBW Home | 2. Polar Bear Chair by Jean Royere, 1st Dibs | 3. Cardiff Tufted Armchair, Pottery Barn | 4. Origami Leather Lounge Chair, West Elm | 5. Wing Chair and Ottoman by Vladimir Kagan, 1st Dibs | 6. Keely Slipcovered Swivel Chair, Crate & Barrel | 7. Hillcrest Club Chair, Kelly Wearstler | 8. Papa Bear Chair by Hans Wegner, 1st Dibs | 9. Sorensen Leather Chair, Restoration Hardware

Dexter Dolores Comment
Elevated Outdoor Entertaining

Succulents add an edgy sophistication to any backyard. Image via Pinterest. 

Okay. So it's August already and we're technically half way through summer already, but can't we just think about how much fun summer is going to be?? In fairness, it kind of just started a couple of weeks ago in BC due to global warming and whatnot. Or was it Trump? Or Pokemon invasion? Something, somewhere delayed summer, so...

"Here Are a Few Ways to Elevate Your Summer Outdoor Entertaining feat. Western Living Magazine" (insert toothy grin and wink)

Cheesy cliche title aside, summer can be saturated with trips, tips and tricks and new adventures to partake in, but sometimes spending summer in your own backyard with your bestest of company is a no fail - and low cost - way to enjoy the warmer weather months. A couple of months back, I was honored to be asked by Western Living Magazine to share my must-have accessories for summer patio entertaining. You can check out the article here. In it I share some design items you can incorporate into your outdoor living spaces to help elevate your patio in time for summer entertaining. Rather than regurgitate what was written in said article, I wanted to focus on a key design trait that you can look for when you're out shopping for your next outdoor dinner party. I touched upon this with one of the items I shared with WL (Viktigt Collection from Ikea). That key design trait is not so much a trait, but a color - or lack thereof? The debate is still out on that one, but that spectacular "color" which will help elevate your outdoor summer experience *gasp* Groundbreaking right? Now, of course everyone is already wise to the knowledge that black can add sophistication, glamour, mystery, etc. to any outfit, interior decor, or motor vehicle exterior, but you'll be surprised to hear that it can do that and so much more for you, your life and your wallet. See the thing about warmer weather and the joys of a brightly lit sky is that it entices folks to get kooky with color. And rightfully so, cus what our beautiful sun does is help nature bring out the boldest of colors in it's bestest of ways. So we, as inhabitants of this planet, employ the colors of the world into our self decoration and home decoration in hopes of spreading that summer joy everywhere we place ourselves. Then Autumn and Winter come along in no time flat, and those colors, although still vibrant and beautiful, start to feel out of place and overly needy, what with their bold "look at me" personalities. So we store them away for use next year. Colors become deep, moody and regal and off we go to the stores to purchase and gather around us the colors of the season. Now don't get me wrong. I love shopping, no matter the season, but truthfully, we can all benefit from some versatile all season purchases. Black and white never go out of vogue or season. So why not incorporate these "colors" into our hot weather decor to help elevate and elongate our summer design and decor experience. Black adds that hit of drama and sophistication to a vibrantly colored dinner party and can transition well into the colder months as an anchor for your more subdued color palettes. Black allows you to incorporate key trends from any season, or any year for that matter, without the commitment to seasonal color themes.

Here are a bundle of high style decor items in season friendly noir that you can shop now to step up your summer design game:

1. Punch Doormat, CB2 | 2. Blackline Collection Boards, Provide Home | 3. Faux Bois Picnic Dinner Plates, Terrain | 4. Evia Heated Chair, The Future Perfect | 5. How's this for an all black poolside retreat? | 6. Kubus Bowl, by Lassen Copenhagen | 7. Matte Black Flatware Set, CB2 | 8. Viktigt Collection, Ikea | 9. Rafia Fringe Pillow, West Elm