Designer Steps

It's been about a year since I quietly debuted my website. I've kept it on the low for awhile since I felt it needed some patient and constant (read: indecisive and obsessive) detailing on my part. I felt that I wasn't quite ready to let the world, or at the very least, my social network see my work curated and laid out for display. My impression of my .com was always that it "didn't have enough content" or that it "wasn't laid out EXACTLY how I think I imagined it to be" or, let's be honest, it was "not good enough...yet". But isn't that how it will always be? Not good enough. If it was ever good enough then we wouldn't keep striving for better. Being a "design obsessed" creative individual, those cards are never going to be laid out exactly how you want it to be. The end result of any creation will never be what you thought it would be, and that right there is the foundation of creating something worthwhile. That's how the beauty reveals itself.


Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.
— Arthur Ashe


This past year, venturing out on my own to create my own design studio - and website, since we're talking about it - has been a learning process and a catalyst for a myriad of changes. I've come to realize that for me to start my journey towards my ambitions and towards success in my ambitions, I need only do one thing; start. No great individual was ever discovered keeping quiet in an isolated pod. Except maybe Superman; tucked away in his baby craft. But even he, and that craft, made a grand entrance on earth. Most successful people on this earth started somewhere with an idea, or a few, and took those ideas through each step, starting with the first. So alas, here is perhaps not my first step on this particular journey, but the next step.